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Prism Legal
Practical Magic: Using Advanced Technologies to Achieve Results (Live #ArkKM)
4 HRS AGO - I am attending the 13th Annual Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession conference in NYC, Expand
Give Me Some Change
09/10/2017 - Photo by Danielle MacInnes   Of late, Casey has been posting some excellent material on the high Expand
The State of Legal AI – a Q&A
04/10/2017 - What is the current state of legal AI (artificial intelligence) – the Q&A below has my Expand
Are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat relevant to law firm marketing?
21/09/2017 - Tim Peterson (@petersontee) of did a great job of analyzing a moving target in Expand
Is the Pressure Building on Big Law?
14/09/2017 - I’ve complained that too many commentators predict Big Law disruption. With Big Law Expand
Law Firm Ownership: An Evidence-Based Approach
04/09/2017 - Adam Smith, Esq. asks “Is the prohibition against non-lawyers having an ownership interest Expand
tl;dr - a Primer on Managing External Legal Providers
22/08/2017 - In short, I wrote a primer for the Buying Legal Council on making service delivery reviews a core Expand
Rethinking How Clients Buy Legal Services – PERSUIT Platform for RFPs
25/09/2017 - I recently learned about a new platform, PERSUIT, designed to rethink how clients buy outside Expand
Blockchain for Law Practice Management – A First?
20/09/2017 - Blockchain remains a hot topic, including in legal, but I have long wondered when we would see the Expand
On Law Firm Marketing Bullshit
10/09/2017 - First, the obligatory nod to On Bullshit . For the academically inclined, there is subversive fun Expand
Intriguing New Legal Services Innovation Index
28/08/2017 - Last week, Prof. Dan Linna of Michigan State University College of Law and his students released Expand
AI in Law: From Theory to Practice
16/08/2017 - I am attending the session AI in Law: From Theory to Practice, live at ILTACon 2017. The Expand
Being a lawyer and sharing on social media
5 DAYS AGO - Sharing, clothes and looking the part of a lawyer by @Lihsa I love social media. It’s a Expand
Alexa, can you hear me now? Invoking Amazon's Alexa Skill Interface for custom reports
05/10/2017 - A look at Amazon's voice-activated reporting capabilities by @Lihsa Today I listened to a webex on Expand
Come on baby, light my Fire: reading, listening and playing on my Amazon Kindle Fire
28/09/2017 - A snappy review of Amazon's Fire 7 by @Lihsa Amazon Fire 7 screenshot of the cozy mystery, The Expand
How to use Facebook in a crisis
15/09/2017 - I've been a member of Facebook since, I don't know, maybe 2009? I have always been cautious about Expand
Early Observations from the GC Thought Leader Experiment (Live)
07/09/2017 - This is a live post of a webinar hosted by Advance Law. In July, An Open Letter From 25 General Expand
Harvey, social media and getting real.
28/08/2017 - It's Day 3: I'm sitting in my island of a home waiting out #Harvey. I'm one of the very lucky Expand
Data Science + Law: An Interview with LexPredict
22/08/2017 - To understand more about the role of data science in law, I turned to LexPredict, a company Expand

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Debunking the KM Myth: Knowledge Management in the Peace-building Sector

As a sector invested in transforming conflicts by understanding the

Three ways to future-proof your organisation

Cross my palm with silver and I shall tell you your fortune. Or

"Innovation is a matter of survival"

Eric Chan, Chair of the Knowledge Management Development

Mindsets for Knowledge Innovation in the 21st Century

To be successful in the 21st Century, societies, organizations and

Let’s go to Mars - A 5 year mission in AI, Augmented/Virtual Realities and New Behavioral Horizons

A recent masterclass concept I explored over dinner in Lisboa,

Debunking the KM myth: Knowledge management in the peace-building sector

As a sector invested in transforming conflicts by understanding the

Unite your people and create the right conditions for valuable conversations

“KM teams can encourage innovation at their

The challenge of knowledge management in modern law firms

There’s an old and simple saying which is: “Knowledge

How would you motivate interest in Knowledge Management?

In Whatever Happened to Knowledge Management? (The Wall Street

Hari Prasad: The Secrets to Successful Collaboration and Innovation

As one of the 50 Most Influential Knowledge Management

Get to the point: Five steps for productive meetings

"Can't help - I'm back to back today", or,

Use Innovation to Save, Not Just to Create

By Andrew Pope, Owner, Consultant at Innosis Innovation

Uniting your Business Development and Library Teams

"The law is not an end in itself," says Lance Sapsford,

How Knowledge Managers can be Innovation Managers

By Andrew Pope, Owner, Consultant, Innosis Innovation

Lost in Translation - Knowledge Management, Social Media & Professional Services

By: David Laud – CEO Samuel Phillips and Consultant i2i

KM as a supply chain: Adapting views on knowledge management

Lord Browne of Madingley, one-time CEO of BP, wrote that

Was Blofeld an Innovator? Lessons from the Bond villains

By Andrew Pope, Consulting Partner, Innosis Global domination,

Five signs that we have lost our way to a virtual future

By Andrew Pope, Consulting Partner, Innosis Technology is

The barista effect: lessons from making coffee for collaboration

By Andrew Pope, Consulting Partner, Innosis   We're

The rise of Legal ‘Lean’ and its impact on Knowledge Management: looking back at KM Legal Europe 2016

Posted on January 26, 2016 by Paul Corney A year on from the

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