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LXBN Interviews Me re Lexpo + Legal Tech: On Innovation, Passion, Challenges, and Accomplishments
7 HRS AGO - I give a keynote talk next week in Amsterdam at the Lexpo Legal Innovation event in Amsterdam Expand
How to Survive Complex Projects, Part 5: Getting Your Testing Right
20/04/2017 - By Andrea Alliston, Partner, Knowledge Management, and Nicola Shaver, Director of Knowledge Expand
KM Legal Blog
Shared by ILTA KM
How to Survive Complex Projects, Part 4: A Marathon, Not a Sprint
05/04/2017 - By Andrea Alliston, Partner, Knowledge Management, and Nicola Shaver, Director of Knowledge Expand
KM Legal Blog
Shared by ILTA KM
Upping the Game in Large Law Firm Online Legal Services
02/04/2017 - In December 2016, Goodwin announced an expansion of its Founders Workbench online legal service Expand
Call For Speakers: Ark Group’s Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession Conference – October 2017
29/03/2017 - Ark Group’s 13th Annual Knowledge Management in the Legal Profession conference will be taking Expand
KM Legal Blog
Shared by Lawyer KM
How to Survive Complex Projects, Part 3: Chunking to Completion
21/03/2017 - By Andrea Alliston, Partner, Knowledge Management, and Nicola Shaver, Director of Knowledge Expand
KM Legal Blog
Shared by ILTA KM
Scurities Litigation Up 23% in 2016: Insights from Lex Machina's First Securites Litigation in Review Report
17/03/2017 - Only seven months after launching the Securities analytics module, Lex Machina has published their Expand
Upcoming Event: Has the Librarian-ship Sailed? Redefining the Profession in A Post Google World
10/03/2017 - I have been invited to give the William A. Gillard Lecture at my alma mater, St. John's University Expand
Columbia Law Revue Posts Hilarious Parody Video Critique of Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law Wars
2 DAYS AGO - The members of the Columbia Law Revue -  are not only smart, but clever and have amazing Expand
Bloomberg Law Releases Data Compliance Risk Benchmark Tool and Report Identifying High Risk Countries
21/04/2017 - Yesterday Bloomberg Law released an important new feature in the Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data Expand
Trends to watch for in the upcoming Am Law 100 results for 2016
14/04/2017 - This is a joint post by David Barnard & Mark Shapiro of Blaqwell and Jack Bostelman of KM/JD Expand
Join Me at Upcoming Presentations: Los Angeles (SCALL) , New York (ARK) and London (Janders Dean)
04/04/2017 - I am looking forward to speaking at  3 upcoming events during April and May. These programs Expand
Start/Stop Poll Results: Ravel Law Analytics Voted Best New Product--Lexis Search Term Mapping Best New Feature--ROI Tracking and Research Workflow Tools Emerge as Leading Workflow Enhancement Products
31/03/2017 - In December I offered readers the opportunity to respond to the 2016 Start/Stop Poll in which they Expand
A Day of Legal Innovation in London: Client Innovation Space + Flex Staffing
28/03/2017 - It may only be Tuesday, but is has already been an eventful week in innovation news from the Expand
Interview: Elevator Pitch, Blogging, and Legal Tech (#LegalTechLives)
18/03/2017 - I was recently interviewed about my elevator pitch, blogging, and the future of legal tech for the Expand
How to Survive Complex Projects, Part 2: Commitment to the User Experience
07/03/2017 - By Andrea Alliston, Partner, Knowledge Management, and Nicola Shaver, Director of Knowledge Expand
KM Legal Blog
Shared by ILTA KM
Gaining the Benefits of Legal AI for In-House Counsel
12/04/2017 - How can in-house counsel gain the benefits of legal artificial intelligence (AI)? That is the Expand
The Wisdom of Colleagues: A Plea for Print-- KM, Curation, Outreach andROI Top Process Initiatives in Start Stop Process Survey
03/04/2017 - Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Expand
Augmented Intelligence as a Reference Librarian? Twice as Fast Half as Good... For Now...
30/03/2017 - Last night I delivered the Gillard Lecture at the St. John's University Graduate Division of Expand
Timing is Everything
28/03/2017 - Years ago I got into the legal speaking circuit after presenting on the future of the legal Expand
AI Round-up: A Guide to ILTA’s Artificial Intelligence Content
17/03/2017 - Joe Davis has graciously allowed us to cross-post his recent compendium of ILTA content on Expand
KM Legal Blog
Shared by ILTA KM
Rumor of the Day: Is Rave Law l Being Bought by Lexis Nexis? Another Acquisition Without Integration?
10/03/2017 - LexisNexis has been on an extraordinary spree -- buying up  companies Expand

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