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Dennis Kennedy
Knowledge for Lawyers
Innovation, creativity and diversity
30/11/2018 - We had a great session in Bristol’s KN-UK last week on innovation with Dr Rob Sheffield. Expand
Knowledge sharing with dyslexics
01/10/2018 - This week (1st-7th October 2018) is national dyslexia awareness week. Learn more here. You can Expand
Syllabus for My Entrepreneurial Lawyering Class Posted on Syllabi Commons
07/09/2018 - I’m a big fan of what John Mayer is doing at the Syllabi Commons and the Teaching Technology Expand
Knowledge Management Blog
Shared by Dennis Kennedy
Shy of retiring? 6 ideas to help
16/08/2018 - We all know about the knowledge cycle but how many of us actually address the last aspect of that Expand
Legal Innovation as a Service
18/07/2018 - I’m planning to launch something new this fall that I’ve been calling “Legal Expand
Knowledge Management Blog
Shared by Dennis Kennedy
The hunger for real learning
25/06/2018 -   Interested in facilitating the sharing of complex knowledge? Come to my workshop. If you Expand
Money, money, money
18/06/2018 - Sometimes it can appear that organisations don’t really care about loss of knowledge. They Expand
A Starter Collection of Blockchain Explainers
05/06/2018 - The ever-interesting Dave Gray mentioned something called the Sideways Dictionary the other day. Expand
Knowledge Management Blog
Shared by Dennis Kennedy
Carla O’Dell’s word of the year
28/05/2018 - Couldn’t have said it better myself. If you are interested in conversation, come along to my Expand
Interview with Ari Kaplan
17/10/2018 - I met Ari Kaplan of Ari Kaplan Advisors at the Lexpo conference in Amsterdam earlier this year. Expand
A Knowledge and Learning Book Club!
21/09/2018 - Do you fancy learning more about knowledge sharing and learning, but can’t keep travelling Expand
Looking for Data in New Tech Places – September 7 Webinar
31/08/2018 - On September 7 at 12:00 noon Central time, I’ll presenting a webcast called “Looking Expand
Knowledge Management Blog
Shared by Dennis Kennedy
Innovation is social
13/08/2018 - Learn more about how KM can help your business here. And learn about practical KM training here. Expand
Teaching “Entrepreneurial Lawyering” Course This Fall in Michigan State’s LegalRnD Program
11/07/2018 - One of the things I’ve really enjoyed over the past year or so is getting to know Dan Linna Expand
Knowledge Management Blog
Shared by Dennis Kennedy
Intranets that *work*
21/06/2018 - We had an excellent session last week by Duncan Ogilvy and Sally Robertson of 3Kites all about Expand
On letting go
11/06/2018 - Follow the blog or sign up to the monthly-ish round up. Advertisements
Law Firm Profitability
04/06/2018 - “Emerging Approaches to Law Firm Profitability” You’ll find my contribution at Expand
GDPR for KMers
23/05/2018 - We had an excellent session a while ago from Claire Perry of Emplaw Online and Rachel Mulligan Expand
An update on the global RCT
04/10/2018 - As you probably know, before the Summer I randomly connected some volunteers who work in law firm Expand
What’s left in 2018?
17/09/2018 - There aren’t many training sessions left in 2018. KM foundations training day Expand
Change is …
20/08/2018 - Open your eyes to new ideas by joining a UK regional knowledge sharing group. Or join one of my Expand
Knowledge Loss – can you afford it?
03/08/2018 - My latest blog post for Legal Futures on Knowledge Loss.     Advertisements
On hoarding knowledge
02/07/2018 - Follow the blog for more useful and interesting quotations. Advertisements
Away days & training
20/06/2018 - Knowledge Lawyers, Professional Support Lawyers and Practice Development Lawyers are expensive Expand
Exit stage left – 5 ways to improve exit interviews
09/06/2018 - The exit interview … When someone is retiring after a long and illustrious career, they will Expand
The vital spark
04/06/2018 - Innovation workshop – London 18th June Advertisements

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