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Mentoring Circles
2 DAYS AGO - Mentoring circles are a form of group mentoring that encourages participants from all levels of an Expand
Why People Fail to Share Knowledge
5 DAYS AGO - There are three primary reasons people do not share their knowledge, especially in the context of Expand
Want to Be Happier? Spend Some Money on Avoiding Household Chores
6 DAYS AGO - Buying our way out of the negative moments in the day is an important key to happiness, according Expand
Intermediation in the Supply of Agricultural Products in Developing Economies
09/11/2017 - This paper develops insights into the structural drivers of farmer and supply chain profitability Expand
Canadians Want 'Authenticity' in their Brands
07/11/2017 - The majority (92 per cent) of Canadian consumers acknowledge that if a company is authentic, there Expand
Who is Responsible for the Future of Cities?
06/11/2017 - As technological innovations continue to transform urban growth, many believe the private sector Expand
Leading Companies Use AI to Increase Customer Satisfaction
03/11/2017 - "Iconic" Companies - those that maintain both the highest levels of customer experience Expand
Global Leaders in R&D Spending
01/11/2017 - On a company basis, the top five R&D spenders today are mostly technology companies.
Equity Concerns Are Narrowly Framed
2 DAYS AGO - Research by Christine L. Exley and Judd B. Kessler finds that individuals tend to differentiate in Expand
Silicon Review's Most Admired Companies
4 DAYS AGO - The Silicon Review' has announced its "50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2017."
New Research and Ideas: November 14, 2017
5 DAYS AGO - Watching violent crimes...Attracting truthful customer reviews...Approving medical devices
Best UK Company Cultures
10/11/2017 - Glassdoor has released a list of companies operating in the United Kingdom with the best workplace Expand
2017 KMWorld Promise and Reality Award Finalists
08/11/2017 - There are six finalists in this year's KMWorld Reality Awards.
Business and Sustainability: New Business History Perspectives
07/11/2017 - This paper by Ann-Kristin Bergquist provides a long-term business history perspective on Expand
2017 Global (Independent Operating Unit) Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises Winners Announced
05/11/2017 - Teleos, in association with The KNOW Network, has announced the 10 Winners of the 2017 Global Expand
US Federal Employee Satisfaction Survey Surprise
02/11/2017 - The satisfaction level and engagement of federal employees moved higher for the third straight Expand
What Are the Real Lessons of the Wells Fargo Case?
01/11/2017 - Wells Fargo has suffered a series of setbacks—fake customer accounts, an auto insurance Expand
Top Growth for Pharmaceutical KM Software Market
3 DAYS AGO - A new market research report, "Pharma Knowledge Management Software Market," forecasts that this Expand
How Does a Social Startup Decide to Commercialize? It May Depend on the Founder's Gender
4 DAYS AGO - How does the founder of a social venture decide to create a "hybrid" business rather than a Expand
Yext Unveils Digital KM Platform
6 DAYS AGO - Yext has announced it is adding the ability to manage an entirely new set of rich data in its Expand
Collaboration Jumble or Essential for Gen Z's
09/11/2017 - Here are four critical characteristics that will influence organizational processes - and Expand
Handgun Waiting Periods Prevent Hundreds of Homicides Each Year
08/11/2017 - Waiting-period laws reduce gun-related homicides by 17 percent and gun-related suicides by 6 Expand
New Research and Ideas: November 7, 2017
07/11/2017 - Founder CEOs manage badly...Sniff your spouse to reduce stress...The Russian Revolution Remains Expand
Join the 'Knowledge on a Mission' event - Nov.10 at IFC in DC
03/11/2017 - Knowledge on a Mission is a free, day-long event sponsored by the International Finance Expand
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