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HBS Working Knowledge
Knowledge Business
Stan Garfield
Why Entrepreneurs Must Focus on Building Trust
2 DAYS AGO - Legal and social institutions that support entrepreneurs often aren't well established in Expand
Parmigiano-Reggiano, Jane Austen, and Other Things You Didn't Know About Finance
08/08/2018 - Why did Italian bank Credito Emiliano accept young Parmigiano-Reggiano as loan collateral? What Expand
Gifts of the Immigrants, Woes of the Natives: Lessons from the Age of Mass Migration
07/08/2018 - Investigating the economic and political effects of immigration across US cities between 1910 and Expand
Women Heart Patients Do Better with Women Doctors
4 DAYS AGO - Roughly one in 66 women has a better chance of leaving the hospital alive if their doctor is also Expand
Are Free Trade and Free Markets Quaint Ideas From the Past?
01/08/2018 - Free trade seems to work well for countries and companies, but less well for labor, observes James Expand
Why Ethical People Become Unethical Negotiators
30/07/2018 - You may think you are an ethical person, but self-interest can cloud your judgment when you sit Expand
Economic Integration and Democracy: An Empirical Investigation
07/08/2018 - This study by Giacomo Magistretti and Marco Tabellini suggests that demand for democracy increases Expand
Supersmart Design Tools Drop Prices of TVs, Bulbs, and Solar Panels
06/08/2018 - Electronics manufactuers are finding it more difficult to stay ahead of low-cost competitors, says Expand
How Does Product Liability Risk Affect Innovation? Evidence from Medical Implants
31/07/2018 - This analysis by Alberto Galasso and Hong Luo examines how a surge in liability risk faced by Expand

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Cross my palm with silver and I shall tell you your fortune. Or

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A recent masterclass concept I explored over dinner in Lisboa,

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