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HBS Working Knowledge
Knowledge Business
Stan Garfield
Hey, Buddy. Wanna Buy a 3-D Printer Cheap?
09/07/2018 - Selling advanced technology that is new to the market involves tricky tradeoffs about targeting Expand
Henry Kissinger's Lessons for Business Negotiators
05/07/2018 - James Sebenius, co-author of a new book on Henry Kissinger's negotiation strategies and tactics, Expand
Corporate Tax Cuts Don't Increase Middle Class Incomes
02/07/2018 - New research by Ethan Rouen and colleagues suggests that corporate tax cuts contribute to income Expand
Turmeric Medicine, Double-Entry Bookkeeping, and General Tso's Chicken. Is Future 'Knowledge Recombination' Threatened in the US?
1 DAY AGO - Immigrants bring with them innovations from their homeland, knowledge that local inventors can Expand
The Impact of Increasing Search Frictions on Online Shopping Behavior: Evidence from a Field Experiment
3 DAYS AGO - With even minor changes to the design of an online store, sellers may get more full priced sales Expand
New Research and Ideas, July 10, 2018
10/07/2018 - Is time on the CEO’s side? ... Casting doubt on the retail discount ... Tech giants battle over Expand
Buying the Verdict
05/07/2018 - Lauren H. Cohen and Umit G. Gurun document systematic evidence that firms engage in specialized, Expand
Should CEO Satya Nadella Cancel Microsoft’s Contract with ICE?
03/07/2018 - Microsoft employees are putting heat on CEO Satya Nadella to cancel its contract with the US Expand
Knowledge Management Blog
Shared by Stan Garfield
Knowledge Management Unit at RED
05/07/2018 - Knowledge Management Unit at RED                 Altamas Pasha Knowledge Management Unit Expand
Knowledge Management Blog
Shared by KM4dev

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