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Tag Archives: knowledge management

"Managers are starting to see the knowledge review as an investment in the future and not a cost," says Andrew Trickett, Global Rail Knowledge and Information Manager at Arup. In this short article, Andrew outlines the value of completing a knowledge review at the end of a project and how this...
As one of the 50 Most Influential Knowledge Management Professionals in 2015, Deputy Manager of Wipro (India), Hari Prasad knows a thing or two about driving innovation and creating an environment for effective collaboration. Ahead of his speaker session at KM Asia 2016, Hari talks to ARK Group (UK) about ...
Lord Browne of Madingley, one-time CEO of BP, wrote that “Anyone in the organisation who is not directly accountable for making a profit should be involved in creating and distributing knowledge that the company can use to make a profit.” Browne had a vision of the BP organisation as being a ...
In the corporate context, the metaphor of knowledge as contextualised information has its detractors, with many preferring to liken knowledge to a flow and even to objects like oil (lubricant or catalyst), precious stones (gems), milk (with finite shelf-life) and neurons (massively interconnected). In...
Indian companies, particularly in the IT sector, have been consistently winning knowledge management awards like the MAKE Global Awards for over 10 years now (e.g. Infosys, Wipro, TCS). KM has been shown to be a good practice for rapidly globalising firms, thanks to its ability to improve project...
Janan Goh, a knowledge management professional at BASF in Malaysia, talks about key challenges facing KM professionals in Asia. 1. Why is knowledge management so important for organisations in Asia? " Knowledge management is a discipline and also a strategy that is often left to chance. The...
  By Jonathan Gordon-Till Oxford Business Intelligence As I suggested last week, retention of critical knowledge is widely seen as an important issue. And so it should be. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Perhaps, but then Harvard Business Review’s piece about unexpected employee...
Joanna Goodman reflects on ARK Group’s KM Legal event in London. This is a personal review of my experience of the event, as I shall be covering the latest developments in legal knowledge management (KM) in depth elsewhere. KM Legal is always worthwhile to attend because it is built on such a...
  KMUK has been identified as a key strategic differentiator across industries and businesses and a number of organisations are already well and truly on board.  KMUK is now in its 14th year and the momentum is already building for the 2015 event. High profile speakers, across...
Guest Blog by Nick Milton Knowledge Management is nearly 2 decades old, yet remains in many ways an immature discipline. There is no common definition of what KM involves, or how it should be addressed, and arguments still break out over its definition, what it should be called, or even whether it exists...
Inside Knowledge Magazine is the ultimate curated news site for the Knowledge Management sector, brought to you by Ark-Group. Inside Knowledge Magazine is an engaging, informative and easy-to-use hub of the latest and most relevant Knowledge Management news feeds, blogs, podcasts, videos...

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Knowledge review is an investment in the future

"Managers are starting to see the knowledge review as an

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Cross my palm with silver and I shall tell you your fortune. Or

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Eric Chan, Chair of the Knowledge Management Development

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A recent masterclass concept I explored over dinner in Lisboa,
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